A Forest Wilderness Sanctuary & Cultivating Peace

Positive results, creativity, and peaceful cooperation within society and the workplace
are of major concern to all endeavors in the various lines of work within corporations,
academia, religious institutions, small businesses, governments, etc.

In today’s world, peace of mind and “success in the world” are rarely integrated within
most people’s experiential. Stress and confusion weighs heavy like dark clouds masking a
gloriously radiant blue autumn sky. Relief from stress and confusion is felt momentarily,
while the ability to stabilize wise, even-tempered and compassionate dispositions and
behaviors are difficult, if not impossible, for some people in their day-to-day inner- and
inter-relational experiential.

The evolutionary forerunners on the cutting edge of manifesting a compassionate
humanity, the great Saints, Shamans, and Sages of Antiquity and their modern day
counter-parts, have proven the efficacy of meditation and forest mountain sanctuaries
and retreats. Today research and documentation of the practices and insights of the
meditation masters is known as contemplative science and studies.

Additionally, science has been establishing that the value of experiencing and preserving
forest wildernesses is imperative to the health and well-being of humans and our
ecology, locally and globally.

For spiritual practitioners, a solitary retreat practice in a natural, forest and/or
wilderness milieu, under the guidance of a qualified spiritual retreat master/director,
provides significant causes and conditions towards giving rise to and stabilizing an
enlightened consciousness.


Personal peace of mind and peace in the world are mutually interdependent.

Freedom from destructive and unhealthy ways of being in the world is possible as a
personal ongoing experiential.
A personal freedom from confusion caused by fear,
anger, and greed facilitates positive changes in self, culture and nature.

This liberating experiential is not just a cognitive understanding, but it is a moment to
moment experiential of self-liberation that is expressed as compassionate wisdom.

The necessary conditions and causes to facilitate the realization of, and on-going
stabilization of, peace of mind and dispositional, heart, and mind transformations can be
cultivated - it is an on-going process.

Giving rise to, and stabilizing dispositions of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic
joy, equanimity, peace of mind, and wisdom is possible.

Cultivating a wholesome and integral spiritual path in light of Buddha's teachings assists a
to be the solution in the world while experiencing peace of mind in the
midst of active daily living.


There is peace of mind.
May I realize peace of mind.
There are obstacles to peace of mind.
May all obstacles to realizing peace of mind be removed.
There are causes to experience peace of mind.
May all causes arise to facilitate my experience of peace of mind.
There are pathways leading to stabilizing peace of mind.
May pathways leading to stabilizing my peace of mind arise.

There is peace.
May there be peace.
There are obstacles to peace.
May all obstacles to peace be removed.
There are causes of peace.
May all causes of peace arise and stabilize.
There are pathways leading to peace.
May pathways leading to peace be revealed and cultivated.

There is happiness.
May there be happiness.
There are obstacles to happiness.
May all obstacles to happiness be removed.
There are causes of happiness.
May all causes of happiness arise and stabilize.
There are pathways leading to happiness.
May all pathways leading to happiness be revealed and cultivated.

May all sentient beings desire to pursue peace and happiness!
May all sentient beings cultivate peace and happiness!
May all sentient beings experience peace and happiness!
May all sentient beings assist in stabilizing peace and happiness in the world!
(composed by Ani Drubgyudma)
Chojung Dorje Ling ~
Flower Dance Temple