We build upon and give witness to the teachings and practices of the Buddha
Shakyamuni and Buddhist meditation masters. We endeavor to assist in, and facilitate, a
peaceful and compassionate co- creative conscience evolution as it relates to
contemporary humanity, culture and nature. Our intentions are:

To study and practice the meditation and contemplative methods of the forest and
wilderness meditation Masters within the Buddhist tradition.

To further the awareness and benefits of silence and solitude in a forest mountain
environment: the spiritual, psychological, creative, philosophical and physical benefits of
a wilderness forest retreat practice – individually, socially and culturally.

To teach approaches and practices of an altruistic transformative spirituality -
practitioners in cultivating and stabilizing an enlightened consciousness.

To model a creative and sustainable environment

To foster and encourage integral studies and practices..

To foster ecumenical and inter-faith understanding between the religious

To cooperate with other organizations who are in solidarity with Flower Dance Temple.

Chojung Dorje Ling ~
Flower Dance Temple