Flower Dance Temple, a Buddhist forest sanctuary and home of Bear Paw Monastery
located on 10 mountain wilderness acres that borders hundreds of state forest
wilderness acres, is situated in the foothills of the Adirondack Region of Northwestern
New York in Pitcairn-Harrisville, St. Lawrence County, NY, along with a
 Western PA
Sangha group.

Our sanctuary is where the healing atmosphere of the mountain forest wilderness is
experienced in light of our meditative and contemplative studies and practices.

Mindfulness Peace Prayer

There is peace of mind.
May I realize peace of mind.
There are obstacles to peace of mind.
May all obstacles to realizing peace of mind be removed.
There are causes to experience peace of mind.
May all causes arise to facilitate my experience of peace of mind.
There are pathways leading to stabilizing peace of mind.
May pathways leading to stabilizing my peace of mind arise.

There is peace.
May there be peace.
There are obstacles to peace.
May all obstacles to peace be removed.
There are causes of peace.
May all causes of peace arise and stabilize.
There are pathways leading to peace.
May pathways leading to peace be revealed and cultivated.

There is happiness.
May there be happiness.
There are obstacles to happiness.
May all obstacles to happiness be removed.
There are causes of happiness.
May all causes of happiness arise and stabilize.
There are pathways leading to happiness.
May all pathways leading to happiness be revealed and cultivated.

May all sentient beings desire to pursue peace and happiness!
May all sentient beings cultivate peace and happiness!
May all sentient beings experience peace and happiness!
May all sentient beings assist in stabilizing peace and happiness in the world!
(composed by venerable ani drubgyudma)

We place great significance upon the value of a forest mountain nature sanctuary. Our
practices, ministry, and services are offered in cultivated and wilderness environments.

Prior to, and since 2004 when Flower Dance Temple was established as an organization,
we have encouraged our community to spend time in hermitages, forest and nature
shrines, and the wilderness in order to understand ourselves as human beings in light of
what Buddha Shakyamuni taught and exemplified.

An aspect of understanding our humanity is the appreciation that we are of the same
elements as earth, air, water, and fire. This appreciation leads to the insight of our
interdependence with all of creation - seen and unseen.

Awareness of interdependence leads to a greater acceptance of the responsibility that
one has to self, others, and nature in light of living in peace, harmony, and compassion
on planet earth, as well as ethically integrating healthy alternatives in relation to how
and where we acquire food and the necessities of life, and how and where put forth
our resources of time, energy, and assets.

We build upon and give witness to universal, inclusive, and inter-penetrative teachings
and practices of Buddha Shakyamuni and the Buddhist meditation masters.

By referring to ourselves as universal Buddhists we mean that we believe in a universal
enlightenment. Human beings have the potential to realize and stabilize as altruistic
compassionate wisdom beings in the world.

Chojung Dorje Ling, aka Flower Dance Temple,  was incorporated as a religious, educational and
charitable nonprofit and tax-exempt Buddhist faith-based church organization pursuant to the NYS
Religious Corporation Law in March 2004 in St. Lawrence County NY.
Flower Dance Temple
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